Excellent Quality, Customer Service and State-of-the-art equipment
are the vision of us as a small company which make a big different

It all started with a big dreams

Not just talking about company, also about big dream. Come from a big dream.

Learning and Practicing to get more value

Using imagination and you can do anything in your dream.

Courage is thinking big, aiming high, and shooting far. It's taking a dream and doing anything, risking everything, and stopping at nothing to it make it a reality.

And That's all the begining of BRÜNN.


Best Shoe Maker
in Town

By cooperating with expert craftsmen, We want to make our products have more value in terms of quality of handmade products.

BRÜNN's makes a great variety of footwear. Their shoes for the country have always been a large part of their production. They are particularly renown for their casual leather shoes and boots, and these have been adapted for both country walking and town use.

In addition the Boots Collection, a range of beautifully crafted men's classic shoes was introduced in the 1900s and has proved to be extremely popular for both country and city gentlemen alike.

BRÜNN Campaign

BRÜNN, a company which is built from a small workshop. Produced extraordinary shoes which are durable and high quality. Made by shoe artisan who are experts in their field.

Our goal is to bring well-being of local people, whether to develop our artisan's skill that reach of their potential, or to create an alignment of the progress of time by maintaining the traditional elements

BRÜNN, we're here from a big dream.